will you take your place with me?

- You like the penis, yes?
- Not when there’s tits directly above it.

"What would I do for a million bucks? I guess I’d do as little as I had to."

I want my old position back.

You know the waitress? I thought I did.

it’s only blood; i have plenty left
it’s only blood; i just need to rest
i said i’d fix this
that i’d set things straight
you begged me not to
but i couldn’t stay
couldn’t wait
they cut me up, but i did them worse
and i’ll be fine, i just need to rest

till next time, then!

the colours of the world are changing day by day


you could have your choice of men
but i could never love again
he’s the only one for me, jolene

Later, we lay on the riverbank, learning the lines of each other’s body’s anew. This, and this and this. We were like gods at the dawning of the world, and our joy was so bright we could see nothing but the other.

the song of achilles, madeline miller (via snicketss)

a cold arm returns the stolen.
a new start erased.
a red light came pouring.
an early fall descended.

hey, you are alone.
you are alone.
you are alone.

hey, you are alone.
you are alone.
you are alone.

i read it in the paper.
hey, you are alone.
you are alone.
other than this song, i’ve been silent and stoic.
crazy, i denied you so.
sing another song…